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welcome to Tropicalii themes! This site is owned by Brittany at Wildnightmare. I provide Tumblr themes, resources, tutorials, services, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Not yet taking applications for partners. NOT ALL PRODUCTS/SERVICES ARE FREE!.
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the stylesheet used for my themes are my OWN. i do create my own. The stylesheet used for this blog was made by candythemes.info. all graphics & tutorials were made/written by me. If something is NOT my work, i say so, and if i know the rightful owner i will credit them. If you would like credit for something that is yours, or would like me to take it down, please say so. Anyone who steals my themes will be blocked. Do NOT spam my c-box. i will not be afraid to report people, block people, etc. If someone does steal my work, i will put them on a list saying so. i know whats mine, and what's not. I don't have all of the time in the world to help people, so PLEASE have a knowledge of html before you even consider using my themes.


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Site opened: 07/16/13

Template: candythemes.info


*I will try to help you as much as i can, but no promises!
*custom themes are $4
*i do follow back, but i don't check out blogs
*you may only edit my themes for personal use!
*i use photoshop for my graphics
*see my playlist page for song info
*i'm always taking requests for things to add to my site! i find it very helpful!
*i do custom banners like the one at the top of my page
*if you bought a theme, i have to help you with it as much as possible. if something goes wrong with the theme, i will fix it for free.
*i cannot edit a theme for you made by someone else, unless you get their permission...
*all prices are fixed. message me for exceptions... not all are approved!
*it's never okay to steal my coding or graphics. period.


*ask in my cbox, and i will personally message you. you may ask on my personal account too.
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please do not spam!
*do not pretend to be me.
*i will never use the c-box. i will personally message you, or respond to questions in a POST.
*don't try to say i stole your themes because i didn't. & i will block you.
*no hate!
*please keep it strictly related to my site... or i will remove the c-box permanently, and you will have no way of communicating with me!
*only ask site related things here! ANYTHING asked on my personal account will be ignored, sorry!


07/26/13.Added "Pinky" Free, Light, Simple, Grid theme.
07/26/13.Added "Changes" Free, Light, Simple, Grid theme.
07/19/13.New Site Layout! I'm in love! also, new "Red Velvet" Free, Light, Grid theme.
07/18/13.Put a link up for free photoshop cs3. please ask for the password in the ask box, not the c-box.
07/18/13.Added Screenshot for Windows Tutorial!
07/18/13.Added "Glaze" Free, Light, Grid theme.
07/18/13.Added "Storm" Free, Dark, Grid theme.
07/17/13.Added "Minted" Free, Light, Grid theme
07/17/13.Added "Dreams" Free, Light, Grid theme
07/17/13.For interest in ads, please email me at tr0picaliithemes@gmail.com. Prices will be discussed, basic two week ad starts at $1USD.
07/17/13.Added "Cream" Free, Dark, Grid theme .
07/17/13.Added "Vanilla" Free, Light, Grid theme.
07/16/13.Site Up. Layout Made. Looking for Affies!